There is only one way to choose the right ad tools for your site

When it comes to choosing the right ad tools for my site, I always go for the simplest tool. As a publisher or a blogger who tries to make money online, our main concern is generating good quality content. Putting too much time into twitting and adjusting ad tools is not good for our site. Remember that our blog or site feeds on good quality content in order to continue survive. If there is no traffic or viewers, there is no point playing around with ad tools. Only when your site have significant amount of traffic or viewers then only you are qualified to choose the ad tools. Check out the blog post title “How to choose the right ad tools for your site” from Inside AdSense.

There are basically three types of ad tools provided by Google AdSense.

AdSense – the simplest way to success

DoubleClick Ad Exchange – Granular Controls & Advanced Features

DoubleClick for Publishers – Infrastructure To Support Business Growth

Obviously AdSense is the one that we should be using. Profit might not be maximized but at least money is coming in while focusing on generating good quality content. Especially if you are an entrepreneur who does everything by yourself, you don’t want to spend too much time on complicated ad tools. DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers are for those who run or operate blogs or site like a business. That means you hire people to maximize earnings. These tools require a lot of attention and monitoring every day. Be sure to choose the right ad tools so that you are able continue doing what you love.



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