There is no point having an app or site if you are not there for the audience

It is known that small businesses can gain benefits by getting an app or site. Small businesses are able to introduce and promote their business without having to spend a lot of money. Customers are able to obtain latest news from businesses without having to visit the shop personally. Small business owners are able to connect with customers closely by having their own smartphone app or site. It is actually a very convenient online tool if properly used.

Unfortunately many small business owners do not understand how to make full use of these online tools. A lot of small business owners are willing to spend the money to build and develop the apps and site but do not take initiative to make use of the tools to reach out customers. Most of them have the mindset of “if you build it, they will come”. Thus it is more like having it instead of using it. It really is a waste without the final step of reaching out to customers.

Some small business owners might also have the wrong concept of which these smartphone apps and sites are able to help reduce the amount of work and increase profit. Well, they only get the last small part correct but totally wrong right from the beginning. Profits will only increases when only you do the work. And having both smartphone apps and sites will only increase the amount of work. It is not going to make your life much easier but instead increasing the things that you need to learn and the work to be done in order to reach out to customers.

So before you decided to get your own smartphone apps or site, make sure that you are prepare to put on extra effort to learn new things and deal with the additional amount of work.



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