There are some failures which you cannot avoid

Regardless of how good you are, you cannot win all and success every time. Sometimes you are just determining to fail. Even if you have prepared everything you can, a bad weather can cause your failure easily. I suppose we can’t control everything. Sometimes luck is not on our side. But this doesn’t mean we cannot reach our goal or success. As long as we are still alive, we can keep on trying. It is a permanent failure only when you decided to quit or stop trying.

Each time you fail, you learn something new. Each time you try, you apply something new. In other words, you will become better each time you encounter failure and return. Failure is a necessary to reach success. When you encounter a lot of failure, you will build up the ability to sense failure. So it is a good thing to experience a lot of failure when your project or investment is not huge at the beginning. It also builds up your immune system for failure. Failure can break a person if he or she is not mentally or physically strong. Before a person can come back and try another shot, he or she has to recover from the impact of previous failure. You may consider failure as a process of training before success.

It is easier to fail than success. But remember that each failure has a cost which we need to pay. So make sure that each failure becomes the stepping stone to reach success. There is much to do when we fail than success.



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