There are only two steps to create a good blog post

Blog post is actually a place to voice opinion and thoughts. If you are stacking up a lot of facts, data and graph, it will become a technical report rather than an interesting place for peace of mind. Unfortunately if you are trying to make money online via blogging, you have to mix some facts, data and graph in order to get a better ranking in Google search engine. Just try to maintain a balance so that your audience won’t feel bored reading your blog post. If you are just starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, here are two simple steps that you can make use to write a good interesting blog post.

The first step is to write with your heart but not your mind. This is the time which you are mainly focus on writing the topic or ideas without worrying about grammar, sentence structure and spelling. The goal is try to write everything out in a short period of time. This way your content will remains in the scope of the topic that you are trying to write. When you spend too much time writing your content, you might be carrying away by certain part of the content and start moving away from the main topic that you are trying to write. Sometimes other unexpected distraction might interrupt and you might just forget the things that you are trying to write. Thus it is best to write out the things in your mind as soon as possible.

Once you are finish writing, you can take a break before proceeding with second step. The second step is basically read though the things that you have written and correct the errors and mistakes. This includes spelling, sentence structure and grammar. You may also edit the content as you see fits. This is also the time to add in photos, videos or any other data to support your content. Although you don’t have to make it a perfect blog post, at least try make sure that audiences are comfortable reading it.



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