There are a lot of things you can blog when you pay attention to details but

After blogging for some time, you will discover that you tend to repeat some of the topics of your previous blog posts. Although you might be blogging the same topics, the content will be slightly different. In some cases you are just trying to cover the details which you left out previously. If you really pay attention to details, there is a lot of stuff you can actually blog about. You may find 5000 words of blog post insufficient to cover and explain all the details you have in mind. But try not to write too long if you don’t have much interesting points to address. The last thing you need is a long boring blog post. Even if you are able to write long interesting blog post, break it up into several blog posts and categories them properly. Although long blog posts are able to gain good ranking in search engine, some readers just don’t have the patient to read them. Make sure that you only include details which are important and interesting. Don’t just write every detail that you can think of just for the sake of creating long blog post. Long blog post will not gain any traffic if the content included is irrelevant. At the end of the day, good quality content is still the main regardless of the length of your blog post.



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