There are a lot of mobile apps with interesting ideas but

I tend to check out Google Play once in a while to see if there are any interesting mobile apps available. I usually use my old smartphone to try out these new mobile apps before decided to install in my main mobile phone. I just couldn’t risk installing new mobile apps before insuring that the apps are safe to use. The last thing I need is having my main smartphone corrupted and crash. The information, connection, tools and settings in my smartphone can be consider as my second alternative mobile workshop to create my blog post. Besides, it is not a good idea to keep on installing and testing mobile apps frequently using your smartphone.

There are a lot of interesting mobile apps out there which I like to test. The problem is a lot of these interesting mobile apps request a lot of access to your mobile phone. Some of them even wanted to gain access to SMS and emails. This is one of the reasons I use another empty old smartphone for checking up these mobile apps. You never know what they will do with the information gain. Especially when the mobile apps specifically stated which they won’t sell or miss use the information gain, don’t ever take their words for real. Some of the mobile apps which have new interesting ideas are actually at their early stage of development. That means they release their mobile apps right at the beginning when they are just starting to work on the problems. Their plan is to let users test their mobile apps as they work on the updated improve version while getting feedback from users. This is actually a great plan because it reduces the cost by eliminating the internal testing and checking of the mobile apps. Unfortunately users will have to bear with the errors and problems which might have the potential to crash the smartphone.

So before you click on the install button, check out the users review. It might give you an idea how safe and stable the mobile app is. If you really want to play safe, don’t install new mobile apps. Let it settle down for couple of weeks and see how others respond to it. You should be able to get more information about the new mobile apps by then. Don’t risk crashing your smartphone just to test new mobile apps.



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