The word Free is not free but an attractive way to promote

Honestly, nothing is actually free if you think about it carefully. There is always a purpose, reason or intention behind the word free. Just look around and check out those so call free stuff or free service which you think you might be able to take advantage.

Skype and Facebook are free to use. Actually they want to collect a huge number of users so that they can negotiate with businesses for advertisement. When you are just starting to like these so call free websites, those advertisements are start to appear all around your screen.

You get a free t-shirt, cup, key chain or anything if you purchase this product. This is a typical free stuff strategy which many shop uses. Actually they just want customers to buy that particular product. You will also notice that these so call free stuff are actually poor quality and easy to break.

Some insurance company or car repair workshop might try to offer free services or consultation. Actually most of them only offer part of the service for free. They don’t tell you the whole answer or result. Most likely they will try to play around your curiosity. You will have to pay for the final result or answer. This is actually they method to get your attention and listen.

One of the most common ways online which people tend to give out free stuff is by having users filling up surveys. This is actually not free because you are selling off information or opinion. Your personal information might be sold if you are not careful. Your simple click to get starting might also give out your location.

Next time when you see the word free, think carefully before accepting it. You might be paying more than you expected.



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