The unusual habits of famous and successful people?

Honestly, some of the habits introduce in the infographic below might not be good and should not be follow or practice. Unfortunately human is the kind of species which have the tendency to do crazy things. I suppose this can be easily proven by referring to the history of humankind. Now that we have the advance technology to go live streaming online using our smartphone, anybody can be a super star on video. The best way to become famous is to be unusually and crazy. This may sound simple but if you are trying to make money out from it, it can be tricky at some point. You have to be able to read the responds of your audience so that you can be sure that your action will be rewarded and not backfire. Check out the infographic below for the unusual habits of 8 famous and successful people. Here’s what I think of the habits. Drinking too much coffee is bad for health. Cold air baths probably works the same as having cold water baths. Roadside greens are good back in the old days. It is very difficult to find uncontaminated roadside greens nowadays. Too much salt is bad for health. Chair rocking is good only if your back bone is healthy. Crying is actually good as it helps to release stress. The buttons on elevator really does have a lot of germs. Best ideas when close to death? Not really a good idea.



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