The Things that you can sell and generate money making opportunities

Product is not the only thing that you can sell and generate money making opportunities. Nowadays people can purchase the things they want from almost any place easily. You don’t get to sell the only one product yourself unless you design and own the copyright of the product. Before customers decided to purchase from you, they will think of the question below.

There are other places that are selling similar product. If I spend some time checking around, I might find a shop with a cheaper price tag. Why should I buy from you?

It is because of the price that we set too high? Actually that is not entirely the problem. People are willing to pay more if they think it’s worth it. So what is categorizes as “worth it”? Basically it is the extra service other than the product itself that makes people happy or satisfied with their purchase. This is why sometimes we heard people say “You can basically sell anything if you are able to make customers happy” So how do we make customers happy?

Well, you don’t have to tell jokes or sweet talk with customers in order to make them happy. Just focus on some simple basic customers’ service will do just fine. The first thing that you can do is try to speed things up. Customers do not like to wait. The last thing that you want is having customers of accusing you for wasting their time. Try to make things convenience for customers and remove the worry part from them. You can do this by setting up the product so that customers can use it instantly. And if customers ever encounter any problem, you will always ready to help. Although it is a normal and natural procedure to provide after sales service, customers will still be happy to hear you say “Feel free to contact me if you have any problem with the product.”

Instead of the products, you are actually selling your service. A good satisfactory service will always make customers happy to pay more.



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