The Right Way to Make Money from Google Adsense for Domain

I wrote about Google Adsense for Domain on my post The New Google Adsense for Domain last year. I did not pay much attention about it because I believe it’s a waste just to purchase a domain to park and fill it up with advertisement. Lately I did some research on Google Adsense for Domain and I can’t stop thinking why Google go ahead with the project Google Adsense for Domain. Is it just because of the money making opportunities within or is there something else?

Before we talk about Google Adsense for Domain, let’s talk about why we purchase domain in the first place. We purchase domain because we wanted to create a website or a blog. That’s the most simple and basic intention of getting domains. Sometimes we have the intention to start a new website or blog but don’t have the time for it. We can just purchase the domain name to prevent others from taking it. As owning a domain name is just around $10 or less per year, it’s reasonable to pay for the money then risks losing the domain name. Sometimes we might just purchase several domain names at once planning to make websites or blogs but don’t have the time and resources just yet. In this situation, it’s better to just park those unused domains at Google Adsense for Domain. Hopefully we can at least make some money to cover the expenses of owning them. For sure the potential of making lots of money is less but its good enough if the domain name can produce more than $10 within a year. Normally an affiliate products marketer will face this situation. One of the methods to sell an eBook or an affiliate product is to create a selling page. That means a webpage with a suitable domain name is required. The life spend of these specially created selling page is short. Once the products or eBook is not generating any profits, it’s time to take it down. Once that happen the contract of hosting the selling page ends sooner than the domain name. Well, that’s because you can purchase the hosting period from month to month but once you pay for a domain name, it’s at least a year. So instead of let the domain name hanging around doing nothing until it expired, why not just park it at Google Adsense for Domain? I’m sure that it’s not just one product that an affiliate marketer trying to sell. It might not be a surprise to have hundreds of domain names waiting to expire. It will be wise to park all of them at Google Adsense for Domain before the domains expired. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to find a domain name that can make good money by just parking at Google Adsense for Domain.

Another reason that we purchase domain names is for investment. We research on domain names that have potential demand or needed by others. We purchase the domain names hopping others will buy back with a higher price. For this type of business or investment, the amount of domain names purchase can be huge. Generally a domain name only cost $10 or less per year. Even if one owns the domain name for 10 years, it’s just as little as $100 only. That’s a reasonable price for an investment that can make more than $1000. Besides the cost of investment might be lesser if the domain name is park under Google Adsense for Domain. Again some domain names might be lucky enough to make money without even selling it.

If you’re considering of trying making money by purchasing a domain name and park it at Google Adsense for Domain, I have to say the results might not be as what you expected. You actually need to do your research homework and experiment with lots of domain names before you can find the one that makes money. Even so the money you make might not be a lot. The potential of money making opportunities in this area reduces every year because of competitions and there aren’t many domains name left that people type in at the address bar. In other words, it’s not worth the effort.

P/S: I won’t consider Google Adsense for Domain as money making opportunities. Rather I think it’s a way to reduce the cost of owning domains that you’re not using.



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