The Reality, Motivation and Money making Opportunities

We need all the motivation we can get when we are trying to build our own online business or pursuing money making opportunities online. Especially when you’re into MLM or multilevel marketing businesses, you’ll find tons of motivation talks, videos, audios, books and activities. There is a reason why lots of motivation stuffs are created. If you actually think about it, it’s not hard to figure out the harsh reality behind. Check out “The 11 Harsh Realities Of Being An Entrepreneur” from OnStartUp and you’ll discover some of the truth of becoming an entrepreneur or pursuing money making opportunities online.

Let’s check out the 11 harsh realities mention in the article and be prepared:
Your First Iteration of an Idea Will Be Wrong
No doubt there will be lots of failure before success. The question is can you keep on trying until you get to success. I personally try out lots of stuff online and many of them ended horrible. Still that does not stop me from pursuing my dream. I will only declare failure when only I stop trying.
Your Friends And Family Won’t Understand What You Do
This is so true. I did try to explain when I quit my job, but then later I just stop discussing about what I do. Probably the best time to explain things is when you achieved success. Usually that’s the only time people will truly interested in finding out what you do.
You Will Make Less Than Normal Wages For A While
In most cases you’ll be making 50% or less compare to your full time job for a long time. That is why I always stress that you have to be interested in doing the activities rather than hoping to make a lot of money.
Everything Takes Twice As Long …If It Even Happens
You need to plan and schedule, but that does not mean everything will work out or delivered on time. It’s a fact that we have to accept as there are just too many unexpected events.
Titles Mean Nothing. You Will Be a Janitor
I suppose it’s the same as getting a job. You can have any title you want but it means nothing if you can’t deliver your work.
There Is No Silver Bullet
Start from a deal and keeps on working on increasing as many deals you can. Don’t put all eggs into one single basket. The key to success is to create as many baskets as possible with eggs.
Customers Will Frustrate You
The most difficult part of business or any other activities is dealing with people. Especially dealing with customers, there is no absolute right way to do it. The best advice you’ll get is “Happy customers are always good for business”.
You Can’t Do It All Yourself
At the beginning you may have to do everything on your own due to the little budget you have. Once your business starts to bloom and work increases, sooner or later you have to learn to hire people for help.
There Is No Such Thing As An Overnight Success
I suppose we can’t find any example for an overnight success story. Even if there is such an overnight success story, it might not be entirely true.
Building A Team Is Hard
Just take a look at sports team like soccer, basketball, baseball and football. It takes a lot of time, effort and luck to build a winning team. That goes the same as building a successful business team.
There Are Forces Outside Your Control
Just do whatever you can and hope for the best. It is true there are things that we cannot control. My regrets come only if I did not give my best.

All of the above will comes in mind eventually when you take on the path to become an entrepreneur. It’s all depends on how you deal with it in order to get thought it. Always have a positive mind set and look at things in both good and bad ways. Having a clear picture of the situation can help in finding the right solution, or shall I say the best solution.



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  1. Ken says:

    I am internet marketer and SEO for more than 12 years. I can can say that online success never happened overnight. May be the 2nd most important thing is to market something that you like, if you don’t like thing you write or promote on your website, for sure project will fail.