The questions and answers from Google AdSense multi screen FAQs are obvious

If you are a Google AdSense publisher, please check out the blog post title “Google AdSense answers multi-screen FAQs” from Google Inside AdSense and let me know what you think about it. Honestly, I think the 5 questions and answers are very obvious. Below are my answers to the 5 questions.

Optimizing websites for multiple screens requires resources and commitment. Is it worth my time and investment?
Of cause it is worth the time and investment. If not Google won’t be pushing and promoting it. But success is not guarantee. Do it on your own risk. From the other point of view, you still can become success even without the use of multi-screen feature.

I’m planning to create a responsive website. How are responsive ad units performing?
Of cause it is performing well. If not Google will drop the feature faster than you can imagine. Again it also does not guarantee success. It just means that overall percentage Google is making a profit out from it.

What are the best practices for mobile site ad placement?
It’s either upper side or lower side. It’s just a small screen. You can test it out easily as there are only a few options. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter if your mobile site is not getting enough traffic.

What’s the maximum number of ads allowed on mobile pages?
Again it is just a small screen. How many ads can you actually squeeze into that small mobile display? You should actually focus on generating more traffic if you hoping to increase earnings.

How can I improve the user experience on my mobile site?
Honestly, you won’t be improving user experience by placing ads. You only can try not to annoy users too much with ads placement.

P/S: The one big question that most Google AdSense publishers really want to ask is how I make use of multi-screen feature to increase my earning. At the end of the day it is all about maximizing profits.



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