The questions and answers feature on Google My Business

The latest feature of questions and answers implemented on Google My Business is actually a very good idea. If I’m the customer, I definitely have a lot of questions which need answers before I drive myself over to visit the shop or business location. I don’t want to waste my time and effort checking out the shop or business location personally in order to find out the products or services provided do not match my needs. Thus the new feature of questions and answers can help customers determine if the products or services provided are suitable or really are the ones that customers are looking for. Check out the blog post title “Answer customer questions on Google” from Google Small Business for more detail.

Actually if the business owns a Facebook page, customers tend to leave a lot of questions before visiting the premises personally. It would seem that customers have a lot of questions in mind when they are interested in checking out the business. Google is merely providing the required feature into Google My Business. But remember that you as the business owner have to be the one who make full use of this feature. Try to provide the answers as much as you can so that you don’t get frustrated customers walking out from you. It is good for your business when customers are happy and satisfied.



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