The question of designing apps under Android or IOS

If you are planning to make money online by designing mobile apps, which mobile platform will you choose? Will you go with Android which has a strong support from Google, or will you go for the worldwide popular iPhone IOS? Obviously it will be best to release the apps for both platforms. But if you are only allow to choose 1 mobile platform to design apps, which will you choose? The competition between Android and IOS is always fierce and exciting. Each mobile platform has their unique and different users. It will be wise to analyze and study the group of mobile users behind each mobile platform before making any decision. Remember that at the end of the day it is the mobile users that you are targeting, not the mobile platform, Apple or Google.

Check out the blog post title “More apps in Google Search-now even easier to use” from Google Inside Search. It seems like Google has included more apps into their search results. That means instead of viewing the content from a web page, you have the option to view the content in mobile apps. We can see that Google has started to combine mobile apps into their search engine. This gives the mobile apps a new area to explore and opportunities. In other words Google search engine can help promote the mobile apps. Instead of just focus on promoting the apps on Google Play, mobile apps designer can now make use of Google search engine for more exposure as it is much easier to access apps from Google.

Given the fact that Google search engine can help to promote mobile apps efficiently and effectively, it is obviously much easier to market mobile apps. Thus if you are designing mobile apps under Android, it is much easier and faster to introduce it to the world though Google search engine. Obviously you will feel relieve as Google is backing up Android or an ally to Android. You don’t have to worry about how people will find out about the new mobile apps you design as Google will give you a hand as long as you choose Android as the platform. So do you still consider designing mobile apps under IOS?



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