The purpose of having an argument is not to win

The main purpose of having an argument is to obtain the best solution or answer. Thus it is good to have an argument from time to time especially when it involves critical decision. Bear in mind that healthy argument can happens only if all parties are free to voice out their opinion and thoughts without restriction. Unfortunately when arguments involve more than two people, things always get complicated. So it is good to learn some proper way to engage your opponent in an argument. There are actually a lot of things to learn before you are able to perform a healthy argument. Check out the infographic below on how to win an argument every time according to science. Remember that you opponent too has to practice similar way in order to have a successful healthy argument. Sometimes you will have to lead the argument. You might also have to teach your opponent the proper way of having an argument. That is if your opponent is willing to listen and learn. It won’t be an easy task if things are heating up. Unfortunately some arguments are unavoidable when it involves the wellbeing of you and everybody around. Thus it is good to learn how to carry out a proper argument.



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