The Pretzels Money Making Opportunities

Once in a while an inspiring blog post or article finds their way to my screen for me to enjoy a good moment of reading. This time the topic is about Pretzels. This is not just about a regular pretzels story but about a woman who turn Pretzels into a money making opportunities business. Check out the blog post tile “Surprising success from pretzels and positive thinking” from Yahoo Shine. Kim Oster Holstein creates a successful business by selling pretzels back in 1995. Since then the Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels has grown into a company that worth $10 to $15 million. And she did it by having ideas of stuffing pretzels with funky flavors like cinnamon roll and grilled cheese.

The idea of starting a business to sell pretzels is simple. I can imagine the competition, difficulties and lots of non-supportive opinions she needs to face at the beginning. After 16 years of struggling, planning and efforts, she manages to come out successfully with the business. I suppose she gets lots of help from Scott as his parents owned the first Ben and Jerry’s franchise in Chicago. The experience definitely comes in very handy when trying to build the business. Well, the important part is that she is able to build the business successfully. So there should be something that we can learn from her success. There is one thing for sure. It’s inspiring. Although Kim’s have some tips to share out with women entrepreneurs, but I’m sure all of us can make use of the tips too. Three of the tips she provides are:

  • Create a plan to implement your dream; it’s critical to have a road map.
  • Every ‘no’ brings you closer to a ‘yes.’ Learn from your rejections and never give up.
  • Find a mentor. If you believe 100% in your idea and reach out to others, they will help you achieve your goal.

P/S: Kim seems like an ordinary woman who achieves success in creating a business. If she can do it, why can’t we?




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  1. Jason says:

    I think this is exactly what is online business, to twist one system in your way and make money. Following guides is helpful, but putting something on your own make the difference and help achieving success.