The old fashion way of using business card still works

When I graduated from school and got my first job, the first thing that my company gave me is my business card. My initial respond is “Why don’t they just give me cash instead of cards to put in my wallet?” Yes, it is pretty annoying because these cards add weight to my wallet and my pocket. Although I cannot reject having those business cards, I sure can choose not to use them. Thus those business cards are sitting in my drawer for months.

Instead of using those business cards, I created my own business identity portfolio and store it in my smartphone. I can just send my business identity portfolio to customers or clients on my smartphone without using any physical card. It was pretty new and appealing. A lot of people are actually amazed by this method. I thought I can replace my business cards completely using this method but I was wrong. There are still a lot of occasion which required the use of old fashion business cards. Especially when you are running out of battery and you are on the field or road, the good old fashion of business cards is the way to go. In order to make the high tech business identity portfolio works, your customers or clients need a ready smartphone to receive it. Unfortunately not everybody is using smartphone. Even if they own a smartphone, they might not know how to receive your business identity portfolio. And if you are trying to introduce yourself to bosses or business owners using the high tech method, they might not be happy about it if they are not familiar or don’t know the method. They might feel embarrassing for unable to keep up with the new advance technology. Especially if you are dealing with senior citizens, they are much more familiar with the old fashion business cards.

Honestly, I think both methods should be use. It is a matter of choosing the best method when it comes to dealing with customers. You cannot retire the old fashion business cards because many people still prefer having it. Sometimes it is easier to approach a person using the old fashion business cards and start a conversation. It is one of the best ways to introduce yourself.



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