The New AdSense Interface, Good for Blogger or Google?

Google AdSense seems to launch the limited beta version of the new interface for a small group of Publisher. The new interface includes features based on 3 requests from publishers. The 3 requests are “provide insights to help make more informed decisions about the sites”, “offer more control over the ads that appear on the sites” and “help manage account more efficiently”. It seems that the new Google AdSense interface will looks more a less the same as Google AdWords interface. Graphical formats will be available instead of just figures.

It’s good to have the new AdSense interface but still if we want to increase our Google AdSense earning, we still have to go back to the basics. That is to write more good quality content and drive more traffic. Other additional action is just for the purpose of fine tuning the earning. As a publisher, my first goal is to maximize my earning. I rather spend more time on writing good quality content and drive traffic to my blog.

Now let’s look at the new Google AdSense interface form Google or business point of view. The first thing that comes in my mind is that with this new Google AdSense interface, Google will gather more information from publisher. Is that good or bad for publisher? We just have to wait and see. But I do know for sure that the information gathered will be used for Google AdWords as well. The intention is to find the right and best sites or blogs for advertisers. Google makes money when only advertisers make money. Google AdWords has to help advertisers make enough money to continue advertise on Google AdWords. As for the publishers side, Google has to make sure they pay publisher enough to keep on using Google AdSense. Google just has to control the balance between AdWords and AdSense to maximize profits. That is why if you really want to success in making money with Google AdSense, then don’t try to outsmart them. You might not earn a lot in the beginning but as long as you keep on writing good quality content, in long term basis you’ll earn a good portion of money from Google later.

P/S: Just don’t put all your eggs in one “Google” basket. You definitely must create multiple stream of income.



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One Response to “The New AdSense Interface, Good for Blogger or Google?”

  1. Sam says:

    It sounds like this would be good for Google. It seems like the basics that you mentioned will remain the primary focus for the blogger, writing good quality content and driving traffic to your site.