The never ending discussion of Blogging for Quality or Quantity

The question of whether to blog daily or not always arises if you are a blogger that has been writing and blogging for many years. When we blog daily, we have less than 24 hours to choose our topic and research our content. That is if we write all our blog posts ourselves without getting any help from guest posting and other authors. Especially if we lack the ability to write several blog posts a day, we usually end up struggling for that one and only blog post of the day. Under these circumstances it is very difficult to maintain the quality of the blog posts created. You might be able to produce good quality blog post at the beginning, but as time goes by you will eventually running out of ideas or topics to blog. That is because you spend most of the time everyday writing and blogging only. In order to continue having ideas and topics to blog about, one must continue to learn new things, receive updated information and gathering input from various resources. You need time for all the above activities. If you only blog about your opinion on certain things without including any data or references, it should be easy to write few blog posts a day. But if you are writing about your knowledge, experience, experiment, research, findings or investigation about a topic, you need time to gather resources to build up your content. These are the kind of topics which requires lot so time and difficult to blog daily.

Now that Google is focusing more on high quality content and punishing duplicate and spamming blog posts, it is best that we try to produce good quality blog posts using all the time that we need. Instead of blogging daily, try changing it to weekly or monthly. Stick with daily blogging if you think you are still able to produce good quality content. But if you feel that the quality of your content is reducing or unable to think of any topic to blog about, consider revising your blogging schedule.



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