The Money Making Opportunities Online within Diablo 3

Today is the launching date for Diablo 3. Although I’m not actually a fan of Diablo 3, but the impact created by this popular PC game triggers my curiosity. At first it was my brother who keeps on talking about Diablo 3 months before the launch date, then my friends and people around me starting to discuss whether or not to purchase the game. Since almost everybody around me is paying a lot of attention on Diablo 3, I did some checking online. It seems like this game is pulling a lot of fans and gamers. How many people are actually into Diablo 3? Well, let’s just say on the day when Diablo 3 launched, most of the players in World of Warcraft are switching to Diablo 3. And if you check out the outlets which sold retail Diablo 3 box, you’ll find several very long queues waiting to buy the game.

Given the huge number of players and fans for Diablo 3, there are several money making opportunities within which you can try out. You can create a blog and write about Diablo 3. You can make money from Google Adsense and selling Diablo 3 related products using the blog. Products related to Diablo 3 can be found from Amazon and eBay. You can also write an eBook about Diablo 3 and sell it. The topics can be teaching players to build ultimate characters or skills to become winner in PvP arena. If you are good in arts and graphic design, you can create and sell wallpapers, WordPress themes, Facebook Timeline banners, Twitter backgrounds and MySpace themes using Diablo 3 as main topic. You can also record your gameplay and post it in YouTube. Creating hit video clips using Diablo 3 which generate lots of viewers can bring in some money in advertising.

There are so many things which you can do to make some money online with Diablo 3 as main topic. You just have to be passion and love the game in order to create an attractive piece of work or product.



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