The money making opportunities online via advertising can be done in many ways other than blog

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via advertising by creating blogs and signing up with Google AdSense, it might take some time to actually see some money coming in. Creating content constantly every day and night can be very tiring. If you are hoping to try something interesting which also related to advertising and has the opportunity to make some money, check out some of the suggestion below.

The first suggestion is advertising on your face. You can try dividing the space on your face and try to sell them off to advertisers. In other words, advertisers get to pay you to stick their logo on your face. This is just half of the work that you have done. Next is to shot video clips of you doing something and upload them on YouTube. Of cause you need to make sure that viewers can see your face clearly. This method usually works well when you have a fairly good looking face.

The second suggestion is wearing t-shirts with logos of different company. The concept is basically the same. Instead of selling the space of your face, you are selling the space of your t-shirt. This method too requires you to produce video clips of yourself wearing specific t-shirt doing something.

If you want, you can actually combining all three methods suggested above. As long as there are advertisers who are willing to pay you to do the job, why not?



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