The money making opportunities of online live video streaming

The live video streaming has becoming the latest trend for smartphone owners. Instead of capturing their own reaction of playing games online at home, they are getting out of their favorite chair and starting to walk around the streets with their live streaming video gadgets. This new way of live streaming video too can make money online as long as there are enough audiences. Advertisement, sponsors and subscription are among some of the ways to generate income. If you love to travel and checking out shops in the streets, perhaps this might be a good way for you to make some money online. Everybody has the potential to make money this way as long as you are able to talk, explain, describe and tell a story. So what makes live streaming video attractive that people are willing to sit and watch a simple ordinary person walking in the streets? My guess is because it is live. Audiences are waiting for something unexpected to happen. It is the curiosity of watching the unpredictable next step. If the live streamer is a person with unpredictable behavior, it will be very interesting to watch what he or she will do next in an ordinary world. In other words, if you are a person who often fails to do everything properly, you still have a chance to make money as a live video streamer because some people just love to see people fail. Instead of selling the best of you, the worst part of you might just be the most attractive part and draws the most attention. Humiliation of yourself probably is the best ingredient to offer on live video streaming because people will buy it regardless of how pretty or ugly you are. If you are not shy to show your face to the world, check out Twitch or YouTube for the opportunity to make money online via live video streaming.



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