The money making opportunities of online game industry: beta tester

Can we really make $100 an hour testing online games or being a beta tester? It sounds great to be able to make money while playing video games online. I suppose most parents won’t believe that there is such a job that pays to play video games online. Unfortunately the gaming industry has been growing rapidly lately. Perhaps I should say it is fortunate that gaming industry has been growing rapidly. Playing video games have become a sport and championship events have been organized around the world. Just check it out on YouTube and you’ll find a lot of video clips or even live streaming of events. Millions of gamers are gathering to compete with each other for the championship title. So if you are determining to become a professional gamer and compete in Dota2 or League of legend, you have to be very skillful. If you are really that good and able to win yourself some championship title, you will be able to make money. The way of making money is almost the same as other sports for example soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. It is a much different way of make money compare to beta tester.

Beta tester basically is a job that requires gamer to test the game prior official release. Game developers need a large number of beta testers in order to gather enough data to troubleshoot and improve their game. Beta tester will be required to report bugs, glitches, performance and reliability of the game in details. In other words beta tester is performing quality check for the game before it is officially launch. How much money can you earn? Well, probably around $50,000 if you are an experience gamer. Experience gamer means you have played a lot of games for many years and able to detect bugs and glitches.

So where can we find companies that requires beta tester? The answer is simple. Just check out the site of popular game such as Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Activision, Capcom and etc. Remember that there are a lot of people around the world that love to become beta tester because it is basically a job getting pay to play video games. You will have to compete with others in order to become a beta tester. So the next question is how do you increase your chances of becoming a beta tester? First you will have to increase your experience as a gamer. That means you need to play a lot of different variety of video games. I ‘m sure this is not a problem if you love to play video games since you are young. Second is that you need to show those video game developers that you can really play and elaborate the games nicely. The best way to do this is perform live streaming online playing old video games. There are a lot of old video that you can check out. Just focus on PlayStation One games alone is enough to occupy your time for a long time. The live streaming activities and video clips created too can make you some money. Well, that is yet another money making opportunities online which you can explore.



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