The Money Making Opportunities of Creating iPhone No1 App

Lately there is a video at Yahoo News about a 14 year old who designs and created iPhone no.1 free app. The free app is a game with more than one million downloads. Imagine the amount of money you’ll earn if each download is charge $1. But still things might be different when a game app requires $1 per download. The outcome of a free download and a paid download can be a totally different story. You might be very successful when you’re applying the free concept. Once you starts charging, people will start evaluate the values of the app and judge if it’s acceptable or not for the amount charged.

Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah succeeded in getting to the first spot in free gaming app, but let’s see if he can still perform well when money is involved. But still it’s a good start for a 14 year old. If he continues to do what he’s best in designing iPhone apps without paying much attention on the results, I’m pretty sure he will have greater achievement once he’s 18. Once he’s an adult and illegible to perform lots of task, I’m sure we’ll hear more stories about him.

The 14 year old kid did his work and research just at a public library. That proves you don’t need a lot of resources or help in order to be success. You just need the right tool, information and with a little bit of help. If a 14 year old kid can do it, why not you?



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2 Responses to “The Money Making Opportunities of Creating iPhone No1 App”

  1. Jenny says:

    Recently I have found some wizards for creating iPhone and Android applications without programing knowledge required. Actually the software is fairly easy to use and offer some schematic view and tabs of events. I think this is a good money making opportunity as the competition is lower and ads have high click through rate.

  2. Jack says:

    It sounds like good opportunity and definitely it is, but development can be expensive if it is outsourced and a good idea is required.