The Mobile Ads Revenue Competition Between Facebook and Twitter

Lately the cyber world is filled with articles regarding Twitter top Facebook in mobile ads revenue. Although this info is based on a prediction report that says Twitter gains $129.7 million and Facebook gains $72.7 million in mobile revenue this year, the end result might not be so as there are 3 more months to go before 2012 ends. But judging from the results of first three quarter of 2012, lots of interesting facts and information can be seen within companies trying to make money online via mobile ads.

If we take a look at the mobile revenue gain and the investment Twitter and Facebook puts in. It is obvious Twitter is the winner. But this is just the initial comparison of two online social sites trying to establish and secure a spot in mobile advertising industry. We will be seeing more comparison stories between these two companies. One of the interesting facts between these two companies is that both are using a different approach to reach out for success. While Facebook obtains lots of capital as the site went public with $38 IPO price, Twitter is using their limited resources to fine tune their services. It looks just like a race between the rabbit and turtle. Who will actually win the race at the end? It is still too early to tell. While we are observing the competition between Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget the current champion Google who is gaining the most revenue from mobile ads. Facebook and twitter are fighting for a spot in mobile ads industry. Google is trying to secure a spot for survival and continues domination of online advertising industry. It should be interesting to keep track on the actions taken by these companies in order to win the game. And we might just come out an idea to make money online after monitoring the competition for some time.



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