The mindset that you should not have while pursuing for money making opportunities online

A lot of my friends and people around me keep asking me the same question over and over again. “Can you really make money by blogging?” Yes, the answer is yes. In fact the real question they should be asking is how much money you can make by blogging. Anybody can make few dollars a month by blogging. That is not a problem. Even a twelve year old kid can do that by just blogging about computer games. The most challenging part is trying to make more than thousand dollars per month online by blogging.

After asking the same kind of question couple of times, some of my friends decided to start their own blog and hopefully able to make some money online. And of cause they are counting on me to help them all the way to success. Although I’m happy to help and share everything that I’ve learned online, it is not a guarantee success. Most of my friends who started their own blog, either they stop blogging after couple or months or they turn it into a platform to express their feelings and frustration by writing one article every few months. When this happens, it’s kind of sad and disappointed. So what really went wrong?

After having lots of conversations and discussion with my friends, I come to a conclusion that it was the mindset that is causing problems. Instead of having an entrepreneur mindset, they started off blogging with an employee mindset. That’s normal because the first thing that most of us did after graduating from school is getting a job. Not many people started off by become their own boss or entrepreneurs. So now we know that we need to switch from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset in order to become successful in blogging, things should be easy by now, right? Well, it is not that simple. The first step is to determine or figure out if we are having the wrong kind of mindset or the employee mindset. Below are some of the mindset that we should not have while blogging or pursuing for money making opportunities online.

  • Following the footsteps of other successful bloggers and not creating your own style of blogging.
  • Once the blog has been setup completely, investing little time and effort blogging similar topic repeatedly.
  • Not taking any risk or trying out new opportunities. Afraid of making mistakes that might cost extra time, effort and money.
  • Take action later or tomorrow instead of now.
  • Waiting for something to happen instead of creating own opportunities.
  • Worrying about the money that you might loss instead of the potential earning that you might be missing.

P/S: Do you think you have the right mindset? Can you switch your mindset in order to make money successfully by blogging?



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