The Main Focus as Publisher

As a publisher, the goal is to make money online. Take for example as a Google Adsense publisher. Publisher makes money when readers or viewers click on the advertisement. The number of clicks and the cost of the clicks determine the amount of money publisher earns. This is the ground basic for making money via Google Adsense. The next step or question which publisher needs to do or answer is to find a way to increase the number of clicks. The cost of the clicks can be improved but the impact might not be significant. It is better to work on the number of clicks than the cost of clicks. In order to increase the clicks, publisher must first increase the number of viewers or traffic. This is the reason why traffic is equally important as content created. It is not just Traffic. Publishers have to work on a lot of things which indirectly contribute to the amount of money earned. A lot of traffic does not mean you’ll get lots of clicks. Publishers still have to work on different area to gain more clicks. All the work is solely for the purpose of getting more clicks. More clicks meaning more earning. While working on stuff which publishers think it might have an effect on the earning, we must remember the end results are to have more clicks. If it does not help to increase clicks, then it is a waste of time. When you are working on the content, traffic, social network, backlink, blog design, comment or any other things which you think might help increase Google Adsense earning, remember to pause once in a while and reevaluate if it helps to increase clicks.

P/S: It is a waste of time because it does not help to increase Google Adsense earning. But the time spend increase your knowledge and experience. You will still gain benefits eventually, just that you might not be aware of it.



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