The important role of color in money making opportunities

Imagine if your site or blog has no color. Well, strictly speaking the least you will have is black and white. That is the white background and the writing in black. How will you feel looking at it? Will you be interested in reading it? I am pretty sure most viewers won’t bother take a look. Even if viewers take the time and patient to read through it, it doesn’t leave a good impression. Most of them won’t be thinking of returning.

If you take the time and energy to decorate your blog or site with colors, you might discover an increase of traffic even if you are applying only one or two colors. Test it out and you’ll see the differences. One of the best examples which you can take a look is Apple product. Just take a look at the colors of their iPhone, iPad, iMac, iBook and other accessories. You just can’t help but to keep on looking at their products. I suppose this is what we call attractive or eye catching. If you are able to color your blog or site just like Apple brand, I’m sure you will get at least 20% boost of traffic.



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