The Impact of Smartphones and Tablets Devices towards Money Making Opportunities Online

There are lots of websites and blogs are currently talking about the future market of smartphones and tablets devices. It seems like for the years to come, smartphones and tablets devices will be the dominance in online market. I suppose this is the reason why Google, Facebook, Apple and even Linkedin are focusing on mobile. No doubt lots of money making opportunities online will be within mobile. If you are interested in pursuing money making opportunities online, get a smartphone and start learning everything about mobile. That goes the same as tablets devices. You have to be a user in order to understand and know the demand of smartphone or tablets user. Check out the blog post title “Smartphones and tablets influence consumer purchasing decisions on mobile, online and in store” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. The information and figures presented in the blog post should be able to give you some idea of how smartphone and tablets users think. Below are some of the main points which I pick up from the post above:

41% of those who used their mobile phones to help with shopping said they made a purchase directly on their smartphone. 46% said they researched an item on their smartphone then went to a store to make their purchase. 37% said they researched an item on their smartphone then made their purchase online.

Consumers who owned tablets read product reviews and looked for product information more from their tablet devices than from their desktop computer or smartphone.

Consumers used their smartphones to contact a retailer.

Among consumers that used their devices to shop last year, 80% of smartphone shoppers and 70% of tablet users said they used their device more frequently this year.



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