The idea of Finding the Cheapest Book or Ebook online

I post about 17 websites that provide FREE Ebook and PDF information download not long ago. This time I happen to stumble on a search engine specially created for the purpose to find the cheapest book online. BookLookr is actually a price comparison site which finds the cheapest retailers for the books. Remember that BookLookr only search for hardcopy books, not Ebooks. Basically you just have to enter the tile, author name, ISBN or keywords to initiate the search. BookLookr will gather information from world’s best book merchants like Amazon, eBay,, Chegg and Better World Books with reader’s reviews and price. Users can find the cheapest book price easily using this search engine.

If we’re looking for a particular book which a lot or merchants are selling, for sure we will go for the cheapest price. That’s the first thing that most of us will consider. Next we have to look at the price of delivery and the time it takes to deliver. You might be surprise for some books with the cheapest price might carry a high delivery fees. Some merchants might just shift from making money from the books to profit from the delivery fees. Eventually the price is just the same when you add both the price of the book and the delivery fees. But that’s a different topic and I’m not going to go deep into it. What I’m trying to mention is the idea of creating a search engine to find the cheapest book. I’m sure there are lots of similar search engine too. Just that we can make it unique by the criteria listed. Take for example BookLookr list out cheapest price and book reviews. Other similar engine can go for cheapest price, delivery fees, popularity and quantity sold. If you’re able to gather information to help decide where and which to buy, you basically win.

The same idea of creating a search engine to find the cheapest book can also apply on finding the cheapest Ebook. I think the idea works better on finding the cheapest Ebook. That’s because the price of the same Ebook might just be the same. The difference is the extra bonus that comes along when we purchase the Ebook. Some affiliates will repackage the Ebooks together with other free Ebooks or tools to attract buyers. So instead of just paying for the one and only Ebook, customers might pick up some other free stuff too. An example of an Ebook search engine will have the price list and the extra free stuff. I’m sure that’s enough to attract a lot of customers. I suppose this can be consider as a money making opportunity.

If you happen to like this idea and created an Ebook search engine, please come back to this post and share your Ebook search engine. I’m interested to check it out.



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  1. Chris says:

    Renting textbooks from is a great way to save money. They offer fast delivery and free return shipping. Chegg also plants a tree every time you rent so you’re saving money and helping the environment at the same time!