The growth of artificial intelligent in e-commerce

It is true that artificial intelligent is helping e-commerce increases sales by providing a good service to customers. There are some work or tasks which are better perform by artificial intelligent than real human being. Especially those simple repeated exercises which need to be done daily, it is better off to let an artificial intelligent handle it. The risk of making mistakes is lower compare to a real human being. In order to do that, it requires some information about customers. In this case, smartphone plays a big role in collecting customers or users’ information. Don’t be surprise to find that some e-commerce site seems to understand what you want or need. It’s not magic. It is just data collecting and analyzing that are working behind. If you are hoping to start your own e-commerce site, you have to get a good artificial intelligent. How do you know which artificial intelligent is better? Just compare it with other giant successful e-commerce sites. Check out the infographic below for the growth of artificial intelligent in e-commerce.



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