The Groupon Story of Money Making Opportunities Online

I get to know about Groupon when I was trying to get a good deal from a certain product using my smartphone. It was the Groupon Mobile which captured my attention and amazes me with such attractive idea of featuring daily deals on products with discounts. The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw Groupon is that customers going to love this and that includes me. Groupon was launched in November 2008 and the man behind this company is Eric Lefkofsky. Back in 2008 he invested $1 million to launch Groupon and now the investment has grown into more than $4 billion of values. Check out the blog post title “How to Earn $4 Billion on Coupons” from Yahoo Finance as it tells the story of how Eric Lefkofsky launches Groupon.

Just like other successful entrepreneurs and businessman, success doesn’t happen overnight. Eric Lefkofsky went through lots of starting and selling companies in order to find success in Groupon.

Enter big, fast-growing markets, change course when things aren’t working and use data as your guide.

The above is the set of guiding business principle which Eric Lefkofsky has learned and practice. It sounds simple but definitely not easy to work with. Check out the blog post above and you’ll read more about how Eric Lefkofsky applies the principle. I suppose the principle is applicable for those who pursuit of money making opportunities online too.

P/S: If you’re looking for good deals with your smartphone, check out Groupon. There is also an affiliate money making opportunities available for users who help spreading words about Groupon.



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  1. CRM says:

    Simple idea and it makes 4 billion!! Just showes it is still possible. Was also good timing.. bad economy everyone is looking for a deal to go out with the family.