The Google Adsense Program Policies of Disable Account

I’m sure many of you heard or read about Google Adsense account being terminated or disabled. Just do a brief search online and you’ll find tons of people discussing about how their Google adsense account being terminated. If you’re worried about your Google Adsense account might be at the edge of being terminate, please take a look at this Google Adsense article – Adsense Facts & Fiction Part 4: Program policies.

According to the article, Google Adsense has a detail set of guidelines when referring to policy violations. Google intention is to keep the content and search networks safe and clean for advertisers, users and publishers. They try to be as transparent and consistent with the decision making. In order to prevent from getting our Google Adsense Account terminated or disable, we should at least read through the policies and guidelines. Honestly, how many of you actually go through that long boring formal article? I think most of us just read from couple of blog posts from some popular bloggers on summary of how to avoid getting Google Adsense account terminated.  After that we just go ahead and apply Google Adsense on our blog. We read blog posts, forums and comments on people who strike out by account termination to figure out the reasons. I suppose it’s more interesting to learn it this way then to read the guidelines.

I know that most of us will only read through the guidelines carefully when only we’re at the edge of getting our Google Adsense account terminated. Ironically that’s how human behave. Still instead of forcing us to read through the guidelines, I suppose there are better ways to introduce the information. One way that I think Google Adsense should try is to present and highlight the guidelines whenever we login to our Google Adsense account. We can just pick those guidelines that most people fail to follow and present it one at a time when login to Google Adsense Account. I’m sure many people login to check their earnings several times a day. Each time a guideline is presented together with the earning, I’m sure sooner or later people will remember the guidelines without having to figure it out the hard way.

I kind of like this article that explain how Google Adsense team deals with people that violates the guidelines. At least I understand what action will be carry out by Google Adsense team. If both Google AdSense team and publishers can talk and listen to each other before making any decision, that will be great. Unfortunately the ratio of Google Adsense team and publishers are just too far apart. I don’t think Google Adsense team has the resources to handle each and every case from all around the world. If you don’t make much money with your Google Adsense account and violates the most obvious guideline, chances are you’re out of the game for good.

If you don’t want to risk losing your Google Adsense account, at least go through the guidelines once. It will be best not to outsmart the Google Adsense policies. Once you get a warning letter from Google Adsense, you’ll be black listed. Google Adsense is the largest Pay Per Click Company. You don’t want to lose the biggest money making opportunities online.

P/S: It is true that there are other money making opportunities too. But still it is better to have as many source of income. Three money making opportunities are always better then two money making opportunities.



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4 Responses to “The Google Adsense Program Policies of Disable Account”

  1. Globinch says:

    Good article. These days many people are getting banned from google adsense because of copy right violations

  2. Mike says:

    Well, I don’t know who make a decision in Banned a acct.
    I try to follow all the editorial guide lines from Google Adsense .I try to make everything that Adsense Help. suggest.and today went I got home and check my Adsense Acct, I get the Surprise Google banned my acct, after all The PPC campaigns,media channels,social media,and Search Submitter, over 120,I think the most I got to make in one day was about $3.00 on a good day, but the mayoralty of then were less than a $1.00 .and a few days than went I check it show.$0,00. in 60 days I think is was close to $121.00.
    And the claimed that ,I have invalid clicks.I bought a lot of traffic. to my side because I sell some affiliates programs.There not tips when don’t want are OUT!!!and is not BUTS.ABOUT, This is a ( FACT & no FICTION )

  3. Well Kumo, I read and followed the Google guidelines to the letter and was running Google Adsense of my sites for 4 years.
    Google paid me monthly and I thought I was in a good partnership.
    I changed nothing and don’t know to this day why my account got disabled.
    I got no warning – my account was closed – my appeal was rejected – and I am very disappointed that you can get no explanatrion out of Google.

  4. Kumo says:

    Well, you’re not the only one that encounter this problem with Google. But still Google Adsense is not the only way to make money online. As long as your blog has high traffic range, you’ll still be able to make money with little bit of adjustment.