The First step of Motivation is to find something to do

When you are not in the mood or do not have any motivation to pursuit for money making opportunities online, the first step you need to do is just find something to do. Blogging can be very boring because it is a daily repeated same routine activity. Although we have prepare ourselves mentally with lots of motivation to keep on blogging and writing, doing the same thing for years without stopping can still makes a person tired and lose focus.

When you are experiencing the day which you suddenly hate switching on your laptop or do not have the energy to move your fingers on the keyboard, there are only two options available. You can either take the day off and so something else which is not related to computer at all. Or you can start having fun with your computer instead of work.

I would suggest taking the day off is the better choice. Remove yourself from the close room electrical equipment environment and take some fresh air in the natural environment. The sun, fresh air, rain, river, forest, animals, snow and the sea is what we need after sitting in the room staring at the monitor for such a long time.

The second suggestion is trying to get yourself warm up or get in touch with the computer before you start working. You just have to play a computer game so that you can change your mood. Be careful not to get too addictive with the game. Give yourself a 20~30 minutes of gaming experience can make you feel fun and exciting.

When you are not in the mood to do anything, you just have to put all your energy into taking the first step. Once that is done you continue with the second step. It might be slow at the beginning but you just have to keep up the momentum and soon you will find yourself moving and working as usual. This is why Monday is always a moody day with a lot of people having the blues of finding the right tune to work.



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