The Final chapter of Google Love is content strategy

The fourth and final part of making money online on Valentine’s Day introduce by Google is about content strategy. Check out the blog post title “Love is all around: 8 tips romantic movies can teach us about content strategy (part 4 of 4)” from Google Inside AdSense. Yup, you are encourage by Google to check out 8 romantic movies. But before you go ahead and watch the movies, check out the blog post and try to take note of some of the points. Remember that your goal is to lean from the movies. Basically below are the 8 points you need to check out from the movies.

  1. P.S. I Love You – Have a single common goal
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You – Use list-based articles
  3. When Harry Met Sally… – Make your content memorable
  4. Love Actually – Link content pieces to each other
  5. You’ve Got Mail – Use email marketing
  6. The Princess Bride – Know your audience
  7. Pretty Woman – Bring unique value to your content
  8. Forrest Gump – Provide a good user experience

P/S: I’m sure you already seen some of the movies. But if you are still unable to capture the points presented above, perhaps it is time to watch it again. We are able to learn things from surrounding. It is just a matter of paying attention and willing to open up your mind and learn.



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