The feeling of insecurity might just be the force to push for alternative source of income

Nothing is forever. There is no such thing as secure job which you can work forever. Honestly, I never did think about this issue when I started my first job right after graduated from college. I was pretty excited with my first job and thought this kind of lifestyle will continue on forever. It hits me after few years working at the same spot. I began to witness my colleague getting layoff, transferred and even retired. I began to realize that someday I too will be going through the same path. That was when the feeling of insecurity begins to grow within me. That is probably the main reason that I started to pursuit for money making opportunities online. Regardless of how much you love your job and the company, it is still only a place to make money. If the company is not making money or you are unable to help company makes money, the company will have no choice but to let you go. It might seem harsh sometimes, but that’s just the reality which we all have to face.

If there is such a secure job which I can work and receive good salary payment forever, I probably won’t be looking for alternative source of income. Even if I am still interested in pursuing for money making opportunities online, it might not last for long. It probably will become a hobby instead of a full time or part time job.



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