The Fast Growing Mobile Market Shows lots of Money Making Opportunities

Now that Microsoft has joined the game with Windows 8, lots of money and investment will be pouring into mobile field. Some of the biggest companies around the world that are competing with each other in mobile market are Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Facebook. Judging from the drastic increase of mobile users around the world, these companies will be investing lots of money, time and manpower in order to capture as many users as possible. I suppose those who successfully dominate mobile market will secure another 10 years in business.

While all the above companies are competing with each other by launching their new mobile hardware, software, apps and operation system, they seems to running ahead full speed and leaving others behind. Users, advertisers, publishers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and other related people are still learning and trying to catch up with the new mobile products. At some point once we are starting to get used to the brand new mobile product, another new mobile product is introduced. I suppose everything surrounding mobile market is still growing fast and haven’t reached a stable and mature status yet.

Given the above situation, everybody is still at the learning stage. Especially for advertisers, they have yet to come out with the best strategy to make full use of mobile ads. That is why lots of advertisers are withholding their money from investing too much on mobile ads even though they knew that it helps to increase revenue. As for publishers, this is the best time to make money from mobile market. When it comes to growing up, Lots of money will be spending on learning and testing. Usually advertisers are the one who spend the most money. And publishers are the one who gain the most out from it. This situation is just the same when Google first launches AdSense. A lot of publishers make a lot of money during the first few years when Adsense launched. If you compare it with current situation, it has become extremely difficult to make money with Google Adsense. Don’t you agree?

P/S: So strike the iron while it is still hot.



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