The example of bringing online business to the world of offline

One of the interesting cases of bringing online business to the world of offline is Amazon. Lately Amazon opens up a book store in Seattle. Yes, it is just like an ordinary book store which customers are able to walk in and check out the books on hands. I am particular curios about the potential of Amazon Books (that’s what they call the book store) and the things which can be done. Obviously the offline book store has huge advantage thanks to the giant online network of Amazon. Customers’ data, information and the ability to spread news online can really help to boost up the offline sales of the book store.

Usually it is the case of offline business taking advantage of the online network. As for the Amazon Books, it feels different. It feels like the game play is the other way round. Since Amazon are able to sell books successfully online, what is the need to open up an offline shop? I suppose people still love to walk into a book store and flip the books. The smell of the paper, the sound of flipping pages and the comfort of reading on a book instead of screen can be very seducing.

I’m kind of curious about the difference between ordinary book store and Amazon Books. It should be interesting to see the growth of such unique book store. Hope to see Amazon opens up a book store around my neighbor so that I can check it out.



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