The Effect of Online Advertising and Money Making Opportunities Online

Recently there is a blog post about Google partnered with Nielsen to measure the increment impact of multi-screen advertising. You can find the blog post title “Better together: new insights on display ad effectiveness across screens & multi-screen case study from adidas” at Google Mobile Ads Blog. According to the study or experiment conducted, online advertising via PC, smartphone and tablet increases the effect of branding dramatically. The experiment was carry out by comparing advertising on TV only versus advertising on TV, PC, smartphone and tablet. As a result, advertising on TV, PC, smartphone and tablet receive the best result on branding. You may check out the details of the experiment from the blog post above.

Honestly, I think the results are obvious. The more advertising you make, the better the results you get. People obviously will notice and remember well if they see the advertisement several times regardless of which media used. If you see an advertisement all around, you will be curious and give a little bit more attention to it. In other words, advertising in TV alone is not enough. You have to include online advertising vie PC, smartphone and tablet to achieve maximum branding effect.

Is this piece of information useful for those who pursuit for money making opportunities online? Well, not exactly. The information will be much useful if the experiment can carry out on TV, PC, smartphone and tablet separately. We are actually much more interested to see which advertising media receive the best results. It will be much helpful if the experiment can show that advertising on tablet or smartphone receive better result compare to TV advertising.

As for the case study provided in the blog post above, it is basically saying that when you are going full force on advertising and promoting, do not forget online advertising via PC, smartphone and tablet device.



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