The Effect of Google Mobile Ads on Box

How many of you have starting to use Google Mobile Ads? As there are so many post, data and statistic from Google pointing the increase of smart phone users and the blooming of mobile market drastically, we should be seeing lots of positive results from those who tested out Google Mobile Ads. Is that really the case? Do we have an example? Well, perhaps the Silicon Valley based online content management Website Company Box can explain and share their experience. According to the blog post title “Box drives awareness and acquires new users with Google Mobile Ads” from Google Mobile Ads Blog, Box received 30% more conversions in the first month using Google Mobile Ads. Check out the video and the detail pdf case study about the experience of Box on mobile and advertising with Google.

As Google Mobile Advertising is still new to many blogs, websites and businesses, this example or case study can give us a lot of information to get started. Although there is an increase of smartphone users and blooming of smartphone market, Google Mobile Advertising might not be the best solution for every business. You still have to research and study if your blog, website or business can gain positive result from Google Mobile Advertising. Test it out and see the response before you make any decision to invest money, time and energy on Google Mobile Advertising. You may start by studying the case study of Box.



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