The Competition Between Facebook and Google Which Might Benefits Users

The competition between Facebook and Google has been going on for some time. Both parties are fighting to capture the heart of users worldwide. The one who has the most users eventually obtain money making opportunities online and control the market. The online cyber market is the biggest market in the world and almost anybody in the world is included into this market as long as they are able to online. But it is still not enough room to contain both Facebook and Google. This situation can well explain with a famous Chinese quote “One mountain cannot occupy two tigers”. This is good. Having two tigers can prevent monopoly situation. As long as the two tigers keep on fighting, users will continue to gain benefits.

So what exactly the kind of benefits users will gain from Facebook and Google. Currently we will be enjoying the new Google Plus. I’m guessing we will continue to see lots of new features, improvements and ideas related to Google Plus. As Google has YouTube, Feedburner, chat, analytics, Docs and many other existent features, Google Plus will be heavily equip to attract users. Facebook at the other end will be announcing lots of new features, changes and improvements as well. I’m sure you already seen lots of changes lately if you are a Facebook user. Users can also try out the latest new Facebook Timeline feature.

The competition between Google and Facebook is just at the beginning stage. We will be seeing more actions and tricks from both sides in future. As the main goal is to gather as many users as possible, both parties will take any necessary steps to capture users’ attention. Necessary steps include giving out gifts, discounts, coupons, competition prize, lucky draws and many other events. So keep up with the news between Google and Facebook. You might win yourself some money, gifts or prizes simply by just participating. You might even stumble upon some money making opportunities.

P/S: Competition is good.



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