The Clicks that we are trying to get from Google Adsense Money Making Opportunities Online

In order to make money from Google Adsense, we need viewers or readers to click on Google Adsense ads. The more clicks we get, the more money we earn. Judging from the ratio of clicks that most regular sites usually get, I say around 5% of the traffic clicks on the ads. That’s about every 100 people who visited the site, 5 of them click on the ads. And that’s a really high conversion rate. So basically if we are able to increase the number of viewers or traffic, we should be able to increase earnings from Google Adsense. Technically that is how things work. But unfortunately when we are dealing with Google Adsense, things might not always turn out the way it should be.

So, in order to continue make money from Google Adsense, we have to think like Google Adsense. We don’t have to make things complicated. Let’s just focus on one simple thought which every online advertising company normally think of. What is the goal or the things that online advertisers hope to achieve when visitors click on their ads? In other words, what are the values advertisers trying to gain for paying you when visitors click on the ads on your site and landed on their website? Below is couple of things advertisers hope to gain in return.

The clicks convert into sales. Either it is service or product based, revenue from the sales is usually the main reason for advertising. And the revenue gain must be more than the payment of the clicks.

The clicks convert to loyal readers or users. This usually focuses on advertisers who try to promote and introduce their new blog, website, forum or social network site.

If your site is able to produce the kind of results that advertisers hope for, you will definitely be making some good money from Google Adsense. But before that you have to know your readers or traffic. I suppose this is call sending the right traffic to advertisers. So that means we have to be able to control the traffic and advertisers in order to make things right and maximize earning. As it is very difficult to control the type of advertisers we get from Google Adsense, it is better to just focus on the type of traffic or readers we can get. And we can do this by producing content that targeted specific readers or viewers. This is a bit difficult but still can be done with lots of tuning and adjusting. Luckily there are other several easy ways that we can do to help gain the type of traffic that we hope to get. We can tap into popular blogs or websites that have the type of traffic that we want. We can also make use of various popular social network sites gathering the group of viewers that suit our site.

P/S: There are lots of details and work that we need to do in order to gain the right traffic that we want, but first we have to decide the kind of clicks we hope to sell.



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