The click to call ads

Sometimes it is interesting to see new feature coming out from Google AdWords. Check out the blog post title “A fast start to 2017 for click-to-call ads” from Google Inside AdWords. Although I may not have the chance to test out click-to-call ads, I think this is a great feature for entrepreneurs and businesses to increase their customers. Especially if you are running an offline business that requires customers to call in, this is a great feature which can connect your business with the right customers.

What type of customers are you expecting from this feature? Well, I think most customers are smartphone users. They are going to look for good quality service or product. They might want it simple and fast without having any trouble. Most of the customers who call through this feature will be new. You will have to spend more time explaining and guiding your new customers.

If you are planning to use this click-to-calls ads, make sure that you have enough operators to receive the calls. If you don’t, reduce the number of ads so that you don’t make customers call through a busy line. I think if you are able to receive 1 customer per day from the feature, it is considered good enough.



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