The blog titles that drive more traffic and make money online

It is true that having the right suitable blog title can help increase traffic to your site. The question is what kind of blog title is able to increase traffic. How do we write a competing blog title that generates traffic? Remember that the key is to make viewers click on your blog title. You may try to trick viewers by writing misunderstood or confusing blog title but it won’t last long before you are rated as not a sincere blogger. If you are hoping to make money online blogging for a long time, you have to do things the proper way. Check out the blog post title “How to create better blog titles that can drive more traffic to your ads” from Inside AdSense.

According to the blog post, there are two ways that you can write a compelling blog post title that draws traffic. You can place a number at the beginning of your title and make sure that it is an odd number. Take for example: 15 money making opportunities online for 2017. If you do a search online, you will find that a lot of bloggers actually start their blog titles with numbers. I can understand the reason why people tend to click on blog titles with number but I just couldn’t figure out why it has to be odd number. Why odd number gets 20% more clicks than even number? I guess we just have to test it out ourselves. It might just be a good idea to conduct a test and gather some data to prove if odd number actually gets 20% more clicks than even number. It should be fun and interesting. I suppose you need a lot of help on this because at least thousands of blog titles are required.

The above is just one of the suggestions which you are able to increase traffic by using numbers for your blog title. There are some other ways which you can try out too. Just do a search online and there should be plenty of suggestion. By the way, the experience and testing which you carry out can be useful to those who are trying to increase their blog traffic. It can be a great content for your blog. Many people would love to see your try it out first before testing it out themselves.



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