The best way to generate new content is listening to your audience

Listening to your audience is not as easy as you think. Especially if you are trying to generate content which is suitable for your blog, you really need to learn how to listen to your audience the right way. Before you start listening to your audience, it is better to do some study or research on the audience. You need to understand how your audience thinks in order to catch what they are trying to say. Especially if your audiences are 10 years younger than you, you might not catch what they are thinking correctly. If that is really the case, don’t expect them to read and understand what you are blogging.

So how do you study and research your audiences without actually talking to them directly? The best way to do so is through online social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In other words, you need to get into their online social network and take a look at what they are interested about. Of cause you will have to find a way to join their online social network. Once they have accepted you into their group or circle, pay attention to the things they post and their writing style.

You might spend some time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but you should be able to find some topic which might be interesting to blog about. Your audiences might be expecting you to present a more detail content. You will still have to do some research and study if you hope to compose good quality content for your blog post. I think it should not be difficult once you have determined the topic. Finding interesting topics which might get the attention of the audience is the most difficult part. And that is the part which draws traffic.



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