The best way to find and create products is within your blog

If you are trying to create a product to sell online, there is no other place better than to find inspiration within your blog. Especially if you are trying to create your first digital product, don’t try to sell it to the world. Take a smaller and simpler step by trying to sell it to your blog readers instead. You will need the first success to give you a push to keep on creating products. Consider this a way to generate motivation. Once you have tasted success, you will be hunger for more. Besides it is good to start small because you will be focusing more on learning instead of pursuing for success.

When we are trying to create a product to sell online, we have to go back to the basic. Figure out the demand and needs of your readers and supply it. Instead of trying to guess their demand and needs from Google Analytics and research all the statistic numbers that you can find, the best way is to ask your readers directly. You can perform a survey or hold an online poll to get feedbacks from your readers. In fact your readers might already ask you for advice, solution or help through emails or comments. Instead of briefly replying them with 500 words of blog post, you can write a detail step by step solution and sell it. The most common and simple way is to create a pdf file and sell it as an eBook. Desperate readers will be willing to purchase you product if you set a reasonable price.



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