The Best Money Making Opportunities Time for Mobile and Tablets

According to the blog post title “New! Search data reveal that when the sun goes down, the tablets come out” from Google Mobile ads Blog, It seems like there is a significant different between the time frame usage of tablet, mobile and desktop. Check out the blog post as you will find a graph comparing traffic within one day time frame between mobile, tablet and desktop. Basically we can see that tablet and mobile usage increases dramatically in the evening after work. While desktop usage shows people surfing mostly during day time office hour and reduces in the evening after work.

This information is very useful because we can adjust and plan our money making strategies according to peak traffic hour. Take for example we can set our advertisement to appear on tablet devices via Google Adwords in the evening. And as it is after working hour, I’m guessing tablet users won’t be browsing anything relate to work. You may even schedule your post release right before evening or organize an online event during the peak hour. This is just like how TV network make use of the 8pm golden hour with their best show. The purpose is obvious, which is to achieve the most viewing rate.

P/S: When we set a schedule to blog constantly, we are actually creating a schedule or time frame for readers to follow our blog. Readers will estimate the time which you will be updating your blog and return regularly for the latest blog post. Usually readers will adjust their time to check your blog. If you can adjust your blog post release schedule to suit readers surfing schedule, it makes them easy to follow your blog. Especially when you are having a contest, lucky draw or FREE gift event, you will receive a positive result instantly.



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