The best franchise to consider in 2017

Honestly, I think there are just too many franchises available in the world. If you are trying to choose a franchise to invest, the best franchise might not be suitable. Especially if you are not trying to build your business in America but in foreign country, you need to do some homework before purchasing any franchise. Check out the infographic below. According to the numbers, seems like Subway and MacDonald are two top best franchises to invest.

In my opinion, I will choose Subway over MacDonald. The first reason that I choose Subway is because of the fee. Franchise fee for MacDonald is $45,000. This is way expensive compare to Subway which requires only about $15,000 to start off. Especially if this is the first time that you are trying to run a business, you need to reserve your money as much as possible for other expenses which you might not realize. The second reason is that people are starting to pay attention to the food that they are consuming. Healthy food with less sugar, less salt, less meat and less grease are the choice of the food for most people. Thus Subway is definitely the best choice compare to MacDonald. The scale of the business is also different. Obviously you need to hire more people for MacDonald compare to Subway.

Finally we come to the most important question of all. Which franchise makes more money? Is it Subway or MacDonald?  I think this is difficult to tell. It actually depends on the location and the people around that you are planning to start your business. It might probably a good idea to conduct a survey before launching your business.



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