The Benefits and Advantages of Hosting Own WordPress Blog to pursuit for money making opportunities online

My first blog was created using free blogging platform under Blogger. As it was free, I continue to create several blogs with domain names follow by Blogspot. Later I won myself a year of hosting my own blog for free. There was a lot of stuff to learn for hosting own blog, but it was fun. Since then I continue to manage blogs from both free and paid blogging platform. If you are trying to make money, start a business or pursuing for money making opportunities online. Don’t use any free blogging platform. Pick a reliable site hosting company and purchase your own hosting blog. It is not just about the benefits that you will get but also the security of maintaining your source of income online.

The first major reason of hosting your own blog is security. At least you don’t have to worry about having your blog deleted without any prior notice. Some free blogging platform will delete your blog if you violated their rules and regulation. In most cases you won’t even have the chance to retrieve the content which took years or time and effort to create. When you are trying to make money, start a business or pursuing for money making opportunities online, remember that the blog content is the most important part. Protecting your blog content takes first priority. This brings us to the topic of backup system or program provided by blog hosting company. The auto backup system or program provided by blog hosting company helps users to retrieve their blog just in case anything happens. If you still don’t feel safe or secure, there are lots of WordPress plugins available which allow users to back up the entire blog into a single zip file and download it to own computer. So if unfortunately your blog hosting company suddenly disappears from the face of the earth, you can still retrieve your blog using the backup zip file.

The second benefits and advantages of hosting your own blog are the flexibility and absolute control of your blog. Either it is content, theme, art design, features or programing details, users can play around with their blog using WordPress any way they like. While you can basically write or blog about the things that you like, you can also turn your blog into a photo gallery, Video clips gallery, social network, forum, mobile site, ecommerce site and many more. Check out my previous post title “Things that you can do with a blog especially if you are trying to make money”. The post has a list of WordPress plugins that you can make use to cater for your needs. For a much more professional and unique appearance, you may purchase a theme specially design according to your ideas and description. Or if you are good in art design and programming, you can personally customize every piece of your blog as you like.

The third benefits and advantages is the results that you gain from working on own hosting blog is way better compare to free blogging platform. Please take note that nothing is actually free. If you are able to make money successfully using free blogging platform, part of the rewards gain goes to the free blogging host company. One of the rewards is traffic. A good example is the domain name. If you are using free blogging platform Blogger, your domain name will be which is basically a sub domain. It is clearly that you will be promoting the name YourBlog and blogspot. But if you are hosting your own blog, you will get a domain name Which only one single main domain will be promote, advertise, share, link and introduce when working on increasing traffic. Especially when we consider the name of our blog as a brand, it must be the main domain without the Other than traffic and brand, results gain from money making opportunities online will be greater when you are hosting own blog. You may monetize the blog any way you like as you have full control of your own hosting blog. And some money making opportunities online requires only own hosting blog to work or function.

Finally if you decided to stop blogging and give up your own hosting blog, you can sell it. A one year old blog with page rank at least 2 can sell a good price. If you really work hard on building your blog, no doubt you will earn back most of the money invested on the blog. You may even make a little profit at the end eventually.



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