The Balance within making money from Google Adsense

Since the launch of Google Adsense, people around the world have been trying to make money from Google Adsense. Many have tried but only a few manage to create a stable stream of income with Google Adsense. What is the secret or method which enables a publisher to make money with Google Adsense? Check out the blog post title “A message from an Adsense publisher: How to balance conflicting interests” from Google Inside Adsense blog. Perhaps you might discover the secret of making money with Google Adsense from the blog post.

Eventually content is still the king. Good quality content is still the main thing that draws readers and audiences. As mention in the blog post above, there are two types of content which publishers need to focus on. First is the content which you are interested and passion about. This is the type of content which will draw the most attention of readers but might not bring in much revenue. The second type of content is created solely for the purpose to maximize earnings. It is based on analysis and previous articles which suggest the particular topic of the content generate the most earnings. The key to successfully gain lots of traffic and produce significant income from Google Adsense is maintaining a balance creating these two types of content. A different explanation and example will be like shooting movies. Good quality movies which earn a place in Oscar Awards usually don’t make much money. In order to continue making these types of good quality movies, it is a must to produce some money making movies but have low values.

Ideally publisher should focus on producing interesting high quality content without having to distract from revenue. But unfortunately publisher must make enough money to survive. If only Google can help publisher earn a minimum income, then publisher don’t have to worry about food and focus on producing good quality content.



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